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Day 2 in Singapore on the way home to NZ and on to Melbourne

Thurs/Fri 14th15th June Day 57/58

14th June a day to see more of Singapore.

Bed and pillows are hard but the room, view,location and pools make up for it. We were so tired we slept in until 9am. Wow the day is half gone - lets go - we still have so much to do here in Singapore. We headed out into the humidity to catch the underground train to Sentosa Island. This island is fantastic although we hardly saw much of it. We loved the fact it was so close to the city and you can escape the busy city and veg out on a tropical island just minutes away. The locals certainly do this too. Using our Singapore Stopover vouchers, we travelled across by cable car. This saved us $48 and was another lovely way to see the city from high up. Being so hot, it was too hard to get yourself going enough, to do too much there really. We did go up in the Merloin, the Singapore emblem, to get yet another view of the city and theme park of Sentosa from high up. One view from the top of his head and the other view from inside his mouth. We walked down to the beauitul mosaic artworks as we headed towards the beach. The beach train is a lovely way to get to the beaches as it is just too hot to walk. A bit of a breeze in the open air carriages as well as you travel past the beautifully manacured beaches. I think they must be man made as they are so perfect. Why we didn't take our bathing suits? I don't know! Anyway we enjoyed paddling in the warm water looking out to all the hundreds of ships waiting in the channel to dock at the extremely busy cargo wharves. Very expensive Movenpick icecreams enjoyed on the beach but our pool at the hotel was calling us. Off we went to just veg out there for a while. What bliss that was too. It was 6pm and still just as hot as we enjoyed the one and only swim of our whole trip. Laying on the deck chairs for a short time with the sun to drying out our bathing suits in the heat, we realized there had not been a cloud in the sky that day.

Suitably refreshed, off we went to seek our fortune at the Casino. This would be our 3rd try at getting into a casino on our journey. The other 2 times we were turned away. In Switzerland, we didn't take our passports and we would have had to pay for the pleasure of having them take the rest of our money anyway. In Nice, our clothes just didn't suit their standards. So try again, this time passports in hand and nicer clothes. No jeans or sports trousers. Yep they let us in. Unfortunately, Singapore has no rules about smoking in the Casinos so wherever we sat, there was ashtrays full of cigarette butts and the smell was disgusting so we didn't stay long. Not before we had each won mini jackpots though, so we came away wealthier than we went in. Dinner was in the food court in the enormously long Mall, in that huge building with the boat sitting on top of the three towers, Marina Bay Sands. The building is amazing - the dinner was not! But it was a food hall meal and what more can you expect when you dine like that eh?

Back on the train as it was now after 10pm and we had made good use of our daypass on the trains as Des always makes sure he does. Lisa and Fleur would tell you how he does like to do that. My legs and feet were complaining so much about all the abuse they had suffered in the last 2 months, now as we stopped and waited at traffic lights, they seem to just cease up and I am finding it hard to get them going again. I wonder how many miles/kms we have walked since April 19th and how many stairs we have climbed up and down as well. But this wonderful hotel has a first for us on, the whole journey - a footstool. We must be getting old eh when we see that as a real treat to be able to put your feet up at the end of the day.

Fri 15th June Singapore to Oz
Day 58 A day to shop till we drop!

Another lovely sleep in today and breakfast in the Hotel was half price with the largest selection of every nationalities food imagineable. Every nationality was there to enjoy it too. I told the head chef how impressed we were as we have breakfasted in many hotels in our 2 month trip. They were very happy to hear our positive comments.
Although we are heading to Oz today to see Fleur and Peter, we actually have the whole day here in Singapore so that was quite a bonus as it meant a day to finish our shopping experiences. This has been the only day in the tour that we actually have just used to shop and all the Malls are airconditioned, making it a pleasant experience. We now have 2 suitcases and 2 backpacks full to the brim and a large cloth bag as carry on luggage. Lets hope they let us on the plane. When you see what others take, we actually think we have done pretty well. We are still under weight as well. Well our bags are anyway. Maybe, not us though. When we get to Oz, some of it will be off loaded onto Fleur and Pete anyway. Stuff in the bags that is, not our weight. Today, we saw the Fountain of Wealth. This is apparently, the largest fountain in the world - according to the 2008 Guiness book of Records. OK we've seen that - lets go..... We decided Mc D's icecreams were better value than Movenpick icecreams at Sentosa Island. Mc D's = $1.60 for 2 Movenpick = $18.00 for 2. Des's best deal of the day:). He was also able to get his $20 deposit back on our Rail tickets for yesterday so he again, was a happy man .:) In Sweden, he was a bit disgruntled when he went to do the same thing and they wouldn't refund his due deposit for some reason.:(

We had a delicious dinner in a Thai stall at Raffles Mall Food Court. This disproves our view, that not all food court food is bad here in Singapore. We then went back to our hotel to collect our bags and waited for our pick up for the airport for our 11.55pm flight to Melbourne. Again we fly with Singapore Airlines for the 4th and last time. We enjoy this airline but after this flight, we will have 8 prs of socks, 8 travels toothbrushes and 8 tiny tubes of toothpaste. Maybe we can sell them on Trade Me or take them to our local Thames Saturday Markets. Just joking, the socks are really comfy and dry faster than sports socks do, so we highly recommend them. Its been great having 3 days here and 2 last time, in April. After 5 days in Singapore all up, we sort of, know this beautiful and friendly place. The mild mannered people, the cleanliness and it also feels very safe here. A lovey experience to have had on our stopovers during our long flights. Thoroughly recommend anyone going to the other side of the world, to do the 2 day stop to avoid jet lag. It certainly worked for us.

With only 3 more days to go on our big OE, we now are just starting to feel ready to go home. So only 3 more blgs to go dear readers.

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